Industrial filter paper

Industrial filter paper

Product Description:
Industrial Use:Gas Turbine Air Filter MediaThis filter media is applied to the air-intake filter of gas turbine
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Industrial Use:Gas Turbine Air Filter Media

This filter media is applied to the air-intake filter of gas turbine. It keeps clean air supplied to the compression room as the dust and impurities are filtratedby this media. Thus assures the gas turbine generator maintains safe and smooth operation. However, performance and safety of generator set will badly effected If the filtration precision is not high, meanwhile the lifetime will be shortened. Therefore, high qualityfilter media is especially important to the operation due to the most challenging environments.





 Cellulose fiber
 Synthetic fiber

 From USA, Canada, Brazil etc



 Germany BASF, USA Dow,
 China Sichuan chemical Group etc


 As required

 Water proof, Flame retardant,
 Melt brown,Double-layer Compound


 Automobile filtration    
 Industrial filtration

 OEM quality, OES quality



 Kraft paper with plastic film



 Real-time monitor defected paper


 Customer files

 Record each order’s production


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